Four Tips to Choose The Perfect Bathroom Tile

If you have decided to revamp your bathroom flooring, you will come across an extensive array of options that can make your selection rather confusing. While vinyl, hardwood, and laminate provide excellent aesthetics, tiles are most practical for a bathroom. Tiles dry quickly and are non-slippery. They’re also easy to maintain and cleaning them doesn’t necessitate much time and effort. Bathroom tiles don’t compromise on form either and look classic, aged and elegant. Ranging from basic squares to elaborate mosaics, tiles come in a virtually endless range of options based on quality, sizes, shades, designs, and textures. This is also why choosing the best tile can get challenging. Here are four useful tips to help you choose the best tile for your bathroom. Consider your bathroom design When choosing a tile, you must ensure that it complements the overall bathroom design and decor. In a traditional setting, use bold or basic shades and avoid anything too fancy. In a modern setting, go for young and vibrant shades with contemporary textures. Ceramic or porcelain Aesthetically, both ceramic and porcelain tiles look indistinguishable. While ceramic offers easier maintenance and a more affordable price tag, porcelain is smoother and denser which add to its durability and refinement. If you want your bathroom to look more elegant and luxurious for a long-term, stick with porcelain, and choose ceramic for everything else. Stone Tiles Marble, limestone and slate are some of the most popular choices for stone tiles. Their major advantage is that every single stone tile is different than the other and this asymmetry in their design can give your bathroom an incredibly timeless and premium look. The downside may include considerably higher levels of maintenance and the limited spectrum of shades may also put some people off as stone tiles are typically only available in tones of beige, grey, and cream. Choose the right size It goes without saying that the dimension of the tiles should be proportionate with the size of your bathroom. While large tiles certainly look and feel more premium, but they can look cramped in a small space which can create a cluttered appearance. Everything being said, only you can decide which tile would go perfectly along with your bathroom. Consider the above-mentioned tips, and make a decision based on your individual preference. If you’re still confused concerning your selection, you can consult a professional of Wood Flooring in MetroWest and get acquainted with every relevant piece of information to help you with your purchase.