Top Secrets of Using Tile Saw in Bathroom

You may have already memorized all the tile saw reviews and ordered the best model ever. Now you have to learn more about your possibilities. This tool is essential for big tile projects and can be beneficial for amateurs who want to make renovations.

If you want to redo your bathroom, you will probably pick the best tiles possible. Although tiles are a unique material that prevents moisture from getting to the walls that fits best for any watery area, it also requires extra effort and skills. A tile saw, or wet saw, will help you to make precise cuts without a problem. To do it, you have to learn the basics of its work.

Cutting Bathroom Tiles With Wet Saw

You will need to have the properly prepared specific table where you will be holding the procedure. If you don’t have one, you can use the floor. Just make sure that the blade will not damage it. A wet saw is an electric tool, and you will need an outlet nearby. The surface must be stable and anti-slippery. Now follow the next steps:

  • Fill the tray behind the cutter with the water. You can’t switch on the saw without making sure that the water is there. Otherwise, the blade will easily get overheated. Apart from that, water reduces the dust that is harmful to your health;
  • Provide measurements and mark the exact place of the cut with the pencil. You will have to follow the line with the blade. If you miss it, go back immediately;
  • Adjust the fence to the blade to make sure that you will not lose the straight line you want to make on the tile;
  • Make sure that the tile lies properly and not on a slippery surface. Check out the blade and make sure it is sharp;
  • The marked part of the tile must be far from your fingers. You can put the widest part closer to your hands;
  • Once everything is ready, you can press guard over the saw’s blade and turn the machine on. Before you make any moves, make sure that water is spraying. If it does not, you have to turn the tool off and check out the reservoir;
  • The blade must reach the tile slowly. Don’t rush it and don’t pull tile faster than the saw can work. It must take its time. If you have to cut through hundreds of tiles on a professional level you need to pick the proper instrument at the market with an adjustable speed and intensity;
  • Use both hands to navigate the tile. Slowly pull it to the table. Once the blade gets closer to the end of the tile slow down the speed. The tile is the most fragile close to the ends. You can chip it or even break hours of work;
  • Turn off the machine once the cut is made. Only after that, you can remove the pieces under the machine. Even if you have more tiles to cut, the best way is to stop it each time you finish one tile. You will need to check the water reservoir and attach the new tile to the right place.

Wet Saw for Bathroom Decoration

You don’t have to be professional to be able to decorate your bathroom with tiles you want. Wet saw allows even amateurs to create masterpieces from the walls. You can cut it in any shape you need, including the L-shaped angles. To be able to create unique decorations in the bathroom you have to learn basic principles of tile saw work. Follow these simple recommendations and you will achieve great results in no time.