What to Do About a Noisy Faucet

There may be nothing more annoying than a noisy faucet. Your entire household may be bracing themselves every time they have to wash their hands, or do any sort of work in the kitchen. Luckily, a noisy faucet can be solved rather easily without needing to book a professional plumber to come in and take care of it.

Why Is There Such A Noise?

There are numerous reasons as to why your faucet may be making an awful noise, but to figure out why yours specifically are singing, here are a few things to check on:


Mineral deposits in your aerator could cause a noisy faucet. You can check this by unscrewing the aerator and then running the water. If you find the noise is gone, you simply need to get a new aerator.

Worn Out Washers

Worn washers or washers that are not the correct size can cause faucet noses. You can address this issue by first turning the water off then taking the faucet apart in order to replace the washers.

Water Pressure Too High

If your water pressure is above 80 psi, your pipes could be singing. You can get a pressure gauge and test the water pressure in your home very easily. A pressure regulator may need to be installed if your pressure is far too high.

A New Plumbing System

Some older homes have been built with pipes that are too small, or pipes that have accumulated blockages in them over time. This causes the water to make some noise as it tries to force its way in. However, if you need to replace your pipes, you may not want to tackle this as a DIY project.

Some expert advice

While some of these fixes are simple, not everyone is comfortable with a wrench in their hands. So, if you have noisy faucets and do not know how to fix the issue yourself, check out clogkingllc.com for more information.

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