Simple steps to remove the popcorn ceiling all by yourself on your property

Are you tired of looking at your popcorn ceiling?

But the thing is how to remove that dirty ceiling?

Could you do it at home?

If so, then how?

Well, the best approach is to call the professionals, sit back, relax and get that ceiling removed without having to move a muscle. There is a good lot of popcorn ceiling removal phoenix AZ that can help you with the process. They are the trained professionals, they know exactly how to fulfill your demands for the ceiling and exactly how to do it without doing any harm to anyone.

But if you want to do it on your own, it still is not a problem because by following the instructions, you can get what you are looking for.

So here we have gathered a list of steps to consider in this case.

  1. Asbestos test

The first step is a test that you would be doing on a small area of the ceiling. Check whether it has asbestos in it or not. You can get a kit from the market and use it for this purpose. Based on the results, you will next be doing the step for it.

  1. Gather all your tools

The next thing to do is to gather all the tools for this purpose. You would not be needing a lot of new things because most of them, you could find in the workshop. You will need a garden sprayer, plastic sheets, a scraper, a mask, and goggles to save your eyes. A ladder would be required to reach the ceiling as well. now that you have all the things ready, you can set to work.

  1. Protect everything

Next, you are going to cover up all the things to protect them from getting affected by the fallen popcorn. For this, you will make use of the plastic sheets and cover everything. Move all the things possible outside the room.

  1. Spray it off

The next thing to do is to spray the ceiling with water so that it gets soaked sell. Make use of the garden sprayer for this purpose and let the water get absorbed inside.

  1. Scrape it away

Next, you will make use of the scrapper and scrape away all the popcorn with ease. Make sure you have got all your safety gear ready.

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