How To Find a Good Handyman You Can Trust

If you are a homeowner, then there are high chances that you will find yourself working with a handyman at some point. And in as much as we may have confidence in our expertise to fix certain areas, some tasks will require a pro to repair. Having said this, the question that pops up is how to find a good handyman.

Remember, the wrong handyman can cost you more than you planned to invest in remodelling. Therefore it is advisable to be informed of the correct way to pick out who the best handyman is and who is not.

For this reason, we have compiled the following list of ways to find a good handyman that you can trust.

  1. Define The Project

The first step to getting anything done is finding out what should be addressed and what is in good condition. With a list of repairs, it is easier to determine whether it’s a handyman you need or a licensed contractor. A handyman is needed for small repairs like installing light fixtures, interior painting and patching drywall. Ask yourself, do I want someone to fix my gate or install cabinets

  1. Talk To Family And Friends

Don’t be tempted into asking your neighbour’s son to come to do the repairs for you. What you can have your friends and family do for you is recommended a handyman they man have previously used. This way you will be able to narrow done to someone reputable in their field of work.

  1. Do Extensive Research

There is nothing better than feeling content with what you have in your hands. And in as much as your friends and family can help narrow down the list, it is important to research as well. Research makes sure that you know the professional background of the individual you are going to hire. Pay close attention to the reviews you hear about the different candidates and even as you compare their rates.

  1. Watch Out For Scams

This is one of the reasons; you need to carefully research before hiring. Reputable handymen will not ask for payment upfront because they have confidence in their work. Make sure that whichever handyman you pick out, is willing to guarantee the price. They should also not be contacting you with unsolicited phone calls. He must be as professional in the manner in which he carries out himself, and he also handles the project.

  1. Get Things In Writing

No matter what the circumstances are, you can never be too sure. Ensure that your safety is a priority at all times by insisting on having a written agreement. This is not someone who is delivering infant bed sheets to your doorsteps and leaving, they will be with you daily until the project comes to an end. The agreement should detail the costs, project details, payment schedule and the period the project will take.


After you are satisfied with all the credentials and reputation of the candidate you have picked, go over the scope of repairs you want to be done. Be readily available to supervise and clarify things when the need arises. Remember, more than anything else you should feel comfortable to have this person in your home for the period of the project.