Super Comfort Latex Pillows To Enrich Your Rest, Relaxation And Posture

Super Comfort Latex Pillows To Enrich Your Rest

For those on the lookout for the perfect comfort solution, there could not be better news than getting their hands on one of Dunlopillo super comfort pillows. And not for no reason; Dunlopillo has been awarded the Best Pillow Brand for 2017 by reputed consumer goods critics, at ‘Which?’ However, if you still do not wish to take our word, for it, then let us go into the depths of what makes these pillows so popular. An introduction to Dunlopillo’s Pillows-

Touted to be one of the leading brands on the planet, when it comes to manufacturing premium quality latex bedding solutions, Dunlopillo’s products are known for durability. They employ a significant amount of technology in designing their pillows and beds to ensure their longevity and continuous delivery of comfort. The Actipro technology that Dunlopillo’s products are known to be manufactured with is a prime example of how much thought they put in to stay ahead of the curve. The Actipro technology pushes the envelope of customer care, by ensuring they prevent the super comforting pillows from being a hotbed for dust, germs and odours that usually cut your comfort in half. Dunlopillo super comfort pillows pack a few attributes of their own that are more than just selling points. Let us have a look at few of the qualities offered by the pillow to end-users: The Dunlopillo pillow is made of latex that can accustom to your shape. It cradles your head, neck and shoulder, offering firm support. It maintains a pressure on your lumbar region to ensure you do not involuntarily turn to an awkward sleeping posture while in slumber. The latex refuses to lose its durability, offering prolonged support and deep, sound sleep for ages to come. The latex provides a cool surface for sleeping on, and is less prone to sweat absorption, thus negating chances of odours. The latex does not diminish or deform, unlike memory foam, even from prolonged use. The contours of this latex-made, luxury pillow, exhibit the ‘pin core’ construction of the pillow. It comprises numerous inter-connected air cells that offer ventilation. Consumers with any sleeping patterns, be it on their back, or the chest or their side, the latex offers a good amount of support. The Dunlopillo latex pillow is specially designed with Actipro technology, as mentioned above, that reduces any chances of dust accumulation, thereby cutting down asthma, respiratory problems and even hay fever. Settling on the Dunlopillo Latex Pillow When you avail a Dunlopillo latex pillow, this is not all that you are paying for. Even though the pillow is composed of latex the 100% cotton cover that it is adorned with provides even further comfort. It can be removed, washed and re-fitted with ease! More importantly, it may be a while before you find a pillow that provides better service for you, than this!