Safe Rooms Achieve A Level of Security Beyond Standard Home or Business Security Systems

Safe rooms are an addition to the home or business that offer a secure environment that cannot be breached by intruders, provide shelter in extreme circumstances, and is invulnerable to destruction. The purpose of a safe room, panic room, or vault varies by the intent of the property owner. Concerning the rise in crime across the globe, many request a safe room for security purposes alone. A place to safely hide from intruders or attackers.

Securing valuables

Others may opt for a large safe room for the purpose of securing valuables, and it is constructed as a large vault that keeps fragile, expensive, and/or irreplaceable possessions in a discreet and protected location that is highly guarded by not only structural integrity, but also technological monitoring and equipment. Many times the lifestyle or material possessions of the property owner makes them a target for nefarious intentions. Storing the vulnerable items in a very large vault not only protects the valuables, it also offers a safe place for the resident to escape immediate danger.

Disaster protection

A safe room can also protect against extreme weather conditions, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and other emergency situations. The most important valuables is family, and keeping one’s family safe during an emergency is one of the biggest reasons people choose Stockinger constructed safe rooms. Only the highest grade of security is used in constructing these vaults, with the intention of being indestructible in nearly all situations.

Safe rooms can be beautiful.

Safe rooms or panic rooms can be retrofitted to your home, as well as hidden in secret locations that only the homeowner or business owner is aware of. For example, hidden behind a dummy wall, or the entry disguised as art. For those who are concerned with the appearance inside, the design can be customized to the customer’s preference, even to match your current decor.

State of the art technology is also applied to the safe room. Whether it is used to enter, exit, monitor, or record is a decision for the buyer. The level of protection you need depends on the objective of the vault. Professionals can walk you through all of the options available to you and allow you to make an informed decision.

Some of the options available for your safe room are:

  • Oxygen supply
  • Fire protection and extinguishing systems
  • Gas or irritant detection and protection
  • Intruder alarm system
  • Infrared security cameras
  • Emergency electric supply
  • Separate telephone system
  • Drone protection

If you feel vulnerable in your home or business, perhaps a safe room or vault is the answer. You should not feel fearful in your home, and adding a bit of security for emergency situations can offer a safeguard against potential threats or disasters. Knowing that your family has a safe place if you are away is one of the many reasons people construct these safe rooms. The level of protection you need can be discussed with a specialist who can recommend the right security for your situation. Ask questions, listen to the professional, and discuss the options with family to achieve the results you want.