Setting the Boiler Temperature – Higher or Lower?

Your boiler thermostat sets the temperature of the water that is pumped through the radiators from the boiler. However, in considering energy usage, we need to know the optimum temperature to set the boiler to ensure that it is being run efficiently.

Each central heating system has its own unique set of components which affect its efficiency. The number and size of radiators, the type of fuel and boiler, along with the various controls that are installed, all have a bearing on how high the thermostat should be set.

Does Reducing the Boiler Temperature Improve Efficiency?

According to YouGen, a boiler thermostat should be set to 65 degrees to enable water to be heated and supplied at 60 degrees. YouGen say that whilst it is true that radiators will heat up more quickly if the boiler is turned up, there is a possibility that it will not condense as it should do.

Most central heating systems now include room thermostats. These devices set the temperature for the room and turn the boiler off once the room has reached the temperature set. Therefore with room thermostats in use, a boiler can be set to quite a high temperature in the knowledge that the room thermostat will ensure the rooms do not get warmer than necessary.

In addition, radiators can be fitted with valves (TRVs) which reduce the water flow through the radiator when the desired temperature is reached.

How to Maximise Efficiency of the System

Combining the controls that are installed in each individual system will enable an optimum temperature to be set at the boiler and each of the devices installed. A professional heating engineer in your area would be best placed to advise, such as

Annual servicing of your boiler is recommended to ensure efficiency as well as prevent a breakdown. Whilst your local heating engineer can provide the boiler service Gloucester has a number of specialists in gas, oil and LPG systems who can provide servicing as well as general advice on energy use.

It is clear that the boiler setting does have an impact on the system efficiency, but that this can be affected by a number of factors unique to each system. An experienced heating engineer will be able to advise on the right temperature setting for your boiler.