Renovating Your Home Room by Room


Home improvement can sometimes feel slightly overwhelming. You have either just bought your home and are aware of every detail that needs to be updated or you have lived in your home for a few years and realize you need to refresh a few things so it doesn’t appear dated. How do you go about starting your home improvements? You should get a note pad and a pen and go room to room and take note of each things that needs to be refreshed.

Some of the most basic updates that are common throughout and entire home are floors and walls. Your carpet may be worn out and making your space look tired. Your walls may look dingy and have outdated paint colors. These are the two easiest things to change that can make the largest impact in your home.

If you enjoy doing renovations yourself you should paint your walls before you rip up any carpet. If you plan on removing all carpet in rooms that are being painted you can save money and not purchase drop cloths. If you intend on keeping the carpet for some time after painting you will definitely need to purchase drop cloths when painting. If you dislike painting you can hire painters. It is always best to call a few companies and get written quotes before you hire someone. If your bedroom, bathroom and closet doors are dated or damaged looking you can consider either installing doors that look more attractive or painting the existing ones to give them a fresh look.

If you have carpet and intend on installing new carpet you can contact your local carpet company. Many carpet companies also install laminate and hard wood. You should also get a few price quotes from various local flooring companies. It takes only a few days up to a few weeks to have your carpet or flooring delivered and ready for installation. Trained professional installation specialists will come to your house and typically have your new floor in the same day they start work. In some cases, it may take two days.

Once you have updated your paint and floors you can begin looking around for other areas to renovate that will modernize your home. Common upgrades include new appliances, new bathroom and kitchen faucets and other plumbing fixtures. Updating lighting in your home can also make quite a difference. Many light fixtures double as artistic touches. Chandeliers and hanging light fixtures can be farm house themed, modern or classic. You can update your kitchen with a fresh new back splash and a modern kitchen table or counter stools. A bright and inviting throw rug would accent a room that has laminate or hard wood flooring. You can refresh a family room, living room or even bedroom with some new throw pillows. Incorporating new fabrics such as rugs, throw blankets and throw pillows to any space will instantly add color, texture and an updated look. By keeping a running list of updates each room needs you will get through your home renovation in a timely manner and enjoy the fresh new look of your home.