What Kind of Damage Is on My Asphalt Driveway?

Asphalt driveways are a big part of your property. When you notice that your driveway is damaged, you should try to get the problem fixed as quickly as possible to make sure that it doesn’t end up getting worse a more expensive to fix. It’s easy to avoid a lot of the damage that occurs on asphalt as long as you make sure that it was properly installed and properly maintained. If not, it might not be long after it’s damaged that you need to call for residential asphalt resurfacing Tampa FL. There are different types of damage that can happen on an asphalt driveway and they might need to be repaired in different ways.

Base Failure

When the base of your driveway fails, it can lead to some huge problems. This is one of the most difficult problems to repair when it comes to asphalt driveways as the entire surface areas usually need to be removed in order to repair the base below. There are many things that can lead to this kind of significant problem and they include improper installation, lack of support, and improper draining. Whenever damage is left for too long, the chance of getting base damage increases.


If there is an area in your driveway that sinks down lower than the other parts, this is called a depression. These can be particularly troublesome as they can gather water. When this water sits, it can cause more damage to the surrounding area over time. It’s important to make sure your asphalt driveway as smooth as possible so it cannot gather water.


While most people think of the annoying damage to the road when they think of potholes, they’re a very common problem with driveways as well and can even cause damage to your can. Traffic and wear and tear can lead to potholes over time. Usually, they seem to first be noticeable when the weather starts to warm because of the melting and refreezing cycle of water. If this water manages to leak through to the asphalt base, it can lead to structural damage. By maintaining your driveway, it’s possible to avoid potholes for the most part.


There are many different cracks that can show up on your asphalt driveway and if you don’t repair them quickly they will only get worse. When an area of your driveway is cracked from fatigue it is called “crocodile cracking” or “fatigue cracking“. If this is happening, your subbase may be a problem or your pavement isn’t thick enough to handle the loads you have on your driveway. When the cracks appear on the edge, it’s likely that the sides of your driveway need more support. “Edge cracking” can also be caused by a lot of vegetation in the area. The root systems of plants can cause a lot of damage to asphalt and need to be controlled to prevent it from damaging the asphalt.