6 Unexpected Practical Uses Of Storage Containers


Storage Containers are low-cost and practical containers for goods that are meant to be shipped in long distances. These boxes are the reason why sending something overseas are made possible and are easier than ever. Storage containers are usually made from strong materials such as steel, fiber-reinforced polymer, and aluminum. These boxes are also available in different sizes and colors.

Because of its physical variations and endless possible uses, a lot of storage manufacturers and sellers are making services such as storage containers for rent available. It is easy to set up and is sturdy enough to use as an outdoor infrastructure. Here are unexpected but practical uses of storage or shipping containers which anyone can try.

1. Portable Toilets

Sanitation is important everywhere we go. Sometimes, the needs of a portable toilet arise. An example of this need is when hosting a big event in a place with no toilet facilities available. An example of such an event is a festival, where a lot of people will come and join the celebrations.

2. Housing facilities

Because it is sturdy enough to become an infrastructure, a storage container is a perfect way to have housing facilities in places with limited spaces. Shipping containers can be stacked together, making another bigger and connected structure. These structures are called cargotecture, which is the combination of the word cargo and architecture. Cargotectures are usually used as student housing facilities or temporary infrastructures. If planning to make a house using a storage container, remember to adjust the ventilation system because steel or other metal components absorbs heat easily.

3. Swimming Pools

It’s not hard to see why some people repurpose a lot of storage containers to swimming pools. These boxes are just in the right sizes to swim and enjoy time cooling off on a hot summer day. This idea is for people who don’t have enough space for a traditional swimming pool. In addition, if the swimming pool is not needed anymore, the storage container can be removed or repurposed into other things.

4. Indoor Garden

An indoor garden is a good idea for people who want to have farms and grow their plants at home in a limited space. Depending on the size of the available storage container, the indoor garden or nursery can house a decent size of vegetable farms. With a little effort, the user can save in food expenses as well as utilize space efficiently.

5. Workspace

Storage containers are also good for repurposing into workspaces. There’s a lot of offices and workspaces that utilizes storage container space and there’s a lot of good reason for this practice. A storage container space rent costs a lot cheaper and is easily available. Those who want temporary offices in one place will have better savings in renting storage containers.

6. Evacuation Centers

Evacuation centers can be pretty packed after a disaster. When a lot of people gathers in open spaces for a long time, diseases and other unwanted elements spread from one person to another. For better sanitation and overall life in evacuation centers, a cargotecture is a good option.